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Thread Prompts

Below are Vinatta's thread prompts! Earn +5 game points for using any one of these (there's no limit to repeating a prompt, either). Each thread must be 6 posts or longer at the time of archival in order to count for points (so no read-only or self-threads). Both participants can then claim points, not just the player who started the thread! All other game points still apply -- using a prompt just adds a bonus. :)

Pay attention to any special notes, such as seasonal or rank requirements. Any of these can be applied as rank threads if they fit the criteria, so you can work on getting a promotion at the same time. If you can complete all ten prompts with one character, you earn a permanent custom title and an avatar drawn by Miyu! Prompts do not have to be completed in order.

Be a good neighbor!

Clean up an unoccupied house in Jordheim by repairing any weather damage to doors and windows, sweeping out cobwebs, trimming the grass on the hill during warm seasons, shoveling snow during cold seasons, and/or anything else that would make it more appealing. This thread can also be completed by helping a new packmate just moving in.

Donate to charity!

Go on a hunt with the goal of donating meat, pelt, and bone to the communal storage house in Jordheim. Alternately, devote a thread to preparing meat or fish for storage by smoking, drying, or salting, converting goat or sheep milk into cheese, or tanning a hide for the purpose of welcome packs. Every little bit counts!

Do a sweep of the borders!

(Note: Characters must be ranked Hollr or higher for this prompt.) Vinátta has a large territory, and security is always important. Grab a partner and cover a stretch of the perimeter. Refresh the scent markers so the border is more obvious to loners, and stay attentive for signs of trespassing or dangerous predators. PNPCs Axle and Grit can accompany your character for extra protection if desired. Patrols can be completed on horseback and still count for this prompt.

Tend the communal garden!

(Note: prompt only applies during warm seasons!) The garden is for everyone! Grab a bucket or wineskin of water, and keep those plants from wilting. There are always weeds to pull and insects to repel. In the spring, seeds can be planted; in summer, herbs and tea leaves can be harvested; in fall, mulch can be spread to protect perennial roots from frost.

Make hay while the sun shines!

(Note: prompt only applies during warm seasons!) Vinátta's livestock need bedding and spare food for the winter. Help out by using a scythe or sickle to cut grass, then rake it into a haystack and pitchfork it back to the barns. PNPC Jin can show your character how if they need instruction, and lend the use of a horsecart for transport.

Keep our stables stable!

Paddock fences need mending, barns need weather repairs, bricks need replacing, sinkholes need filling - the work never ends! Pitch in and keep the stables swept, mucked, and in good working order for everyone. This prompt can also be completed by protecting the stables from a predator that would harm the livestock.

Loot the city!

(Note: Remember to donate the best finds to the storage house for this prompt to count!) The city of Amherst is a local treasure trove for those willing to scavenge. Items Of particular usefulness are intact books, medical supplies, paints and inks, nails, glass bottles, tools, fabrics, canned goods, and human trinkets for trading. Metal door hinges and glass window panes can be brought to Jordheim for house repairs.

Make a hoofed animal happy!

(Note: prompt only applies to communal animals!) Vinátta has horses, sheep, goats, a donkey, and a boar that could all use some one-on-one attention with Luperci. Give them a bath, teach them a trick, play with them, or simply give them a treat and some exercise. PNPCs Jin and Joon can offer help if desired.

Pay respects to the Sacred Grove!

Sweep fallen leaves, and/or clean and rearrange the Horgr stone shrines. Gather fallen branches from the white walnut tree, and carry them to the storage house to be carved into Frithr pendants. Alternately, your character can give/receive advice here for the prompt to count. PNPC Miskunn can offer spiritual advice if desired.

Spread goodwill and stuff!

Visit any other pack and bring them a gift from Vinátta to show our friendly intentions. Or, share a meal with a loner and invite them to join Vinátta (they do not have to accept for the prompt to still count). Alternately, this prompt can be completed by threading in the Outpost, and trading for something to donate to the pack.

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