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Vinátta does not have any additional IC joining requirements for members. We do not discriminate between species- all species are welcome. Our borders are open to all. Vinátta have a unique cultural aspect, where new members are presented with a Welcome Pack by the member who accepted you, as well as the pick of the free houses in Jordheim to reside in. For more information, see our Welcome Packs Page


Joining Vinátta is a simple, easy process that should be painless on both parts! We prefer to accept members ICly as opposed to OOCly, mostly because we enjoy using our Welcome Pack feature! It is recommended that the Joining Behaviour guide is read and adhered to when joining. We also ask for an (optional) additional form to be completed (and added to your first joining post). See the form opposite.

Vinátta has a 10-day policy in regards to joining threads. Joining threads that have been left with no reply from the joining member (not the greeter) will be archived after 10 days and it will be assumed that this thread was not completed (your character either lost interest and wandered off, or they were turned away and must try again later). This is to alleviate the problem of joining threads being left in the pack forum with no reply.


Ranks are based on the Nine Noble Virtues of the Astaru faction of Norse beliefs. We operate on a rank - job basis, where characters choose a Path (warriors & guardians, hunters & scouts, healers & scholars, traders & merchants). Promotions are based mostly on activity, where a small section is based on thread requirements (promotion from the Hollr rank to which Path is chosen is based on completing three threads regarding the chosen Path). Ranks are listed (within the Paths) according to most dominant and skilled to least dominant and skilled. This will be largely based on activity- e.g. the more active you are, the more skill your character has and is likely to be more dominant. For an extensive look at our ranks please see the Rank Page.


For an in depth list of our co-ranks, please see our Co-Ranks page. Co-Ranks are jobs alongside the characters chosen path, for the character to explore various interests. Members may have up to three co-ranks, setting a preference for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. To earn Co-Ranks, members much first have achieved the Hollr rank, showing dedication to Vinátta. Three threads must be completed to achieve the Co-Rank, one of which may be a Read Only, although Interactive threads are encouraged. Once the Co-Rank is achieved, the member is required to have one thread a month to maintain the Co-Rank. Failure to do so for two months may result in automatic removal of the Co-Rank.


Jordheim is the residential area of Vinátta and is comprised of short, stout houses set into the hillsides and covered in turf. Resembling small rounded humps, the doors are often concealed although not too hard to locate. Houses are allocated to members when the member receives their Welcome Pack- the member issuing the Pack will be required to show the member to their new house. Of course, living in these domed houses is not mandatory and if your character would rather live elsewhere, they are free to choose their residence. To see a visual representation of Jordheim, as well as currently allocated houses and available houses, please see our Jordheim Page

NPC Companions

NPC Companions are encouraged, especially various NPC animals as Vinátta have heavy roots in animals. Any NPC canine companions will occupy the Frjals rank (not impacting on restrictions) and will be expected to contribute to all pack duties.

Dropping Characters

We would like to be informed of any intentions to drop characters from the pack, especially those who might be involved in a plot. We can discuss with you whether you would like your characters to be placed on an NPC status (if you, or another person, is likely to pick them up in the near future) although this will be on a case by case evaluation. We generally allot 2 months for an absence NPC to be picked up again. Also, we’re always here to talk if you’re having trouble with your character, so drop us a PM if you’re struggling and we will see what we can to do help you out. If you decided that you wish to drop them, this is entirely your choice and no ‘judgement’ will be passed on you- we understand the multiple reasons for dropping characters and will respect your decision. (Exceptions to this include adopted characters, where we will refer to the ‘owner’ of the adoptable and the contract agreement as to whether the character is removed from the pack, or placed on an NPC Status until re-adoption.)

Mandatory Threads

Threads that are mandatory to members will be marked as “MANDATORY PACK THREAD” in the title and stickied in board so that it does not get lost. Inside the thread, there will be details about the type of posting (open, order, reserved for one or two characters first and then open after) as well as when the ‘round’ finishes and another starts (this will usually be a week to give all members a chance to post). Failure to attend will be assessed on a case by case basis, although generally speaking, loss of respect or in repeated offenses, demotion can occur. Members can be assured that there will be a cap on Mandatory Threads- a maximum of THREE per month, although that is a large maximum to accommodate for various plots that might crop up.

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