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Welcome to Vinátta's website, our hub of information! We hope you'll be able to find everything you need to know in this dusty tome, but be aware that were will be updating, changing, improving on this website constantly and while changed information will be announced in our Announcement Box, check back in here regularly to get well acquainted with what we're doing!

Pack Summary

  • Species
    Vinátta is a non-discriminate pack who accept all species and treat all with fairness.
  • Territory
    Vinátta currently lay claim to a small portion of the Wabanaki Coast. Their three main territories include bits of the Great Lake, the Commune of the Salmon and small sections of Amherst. The Great Lake and the surroundings areas have been identified as a good area to house horses and livestock due to the stables and farming areas still in tack. There is also a small vineyard close to the lake. Further south, Jordheim sits in the Commune of the Salmon, partially submerged domed houses that Vinátta use for their dens. Amherst serves as scavenging grounds, although includes buildings such as; hospitals, houses and shops, all in varying degrees of disrepair.
  • Ranks
    Vinátta’s culture holds heavy influence from Norse Mythology, where times were simpler. Farmers, traders, those who love to party and celebrate life will find solace in Vinátta’s borders. With a ‘medieval’ style village with aspects of self-reliance where there are means to make or grow most items. Vinátta boast the ownership of a large Vineyard and Brewery and will start to make their own alcohol for their own consumption as well as trade. While not an overwhelming aspect of Vinátta, as with all social structures they are interested in trade and use the Market Place for such transactions. All new members are greeted with a Welcome Pack to start getting them assimilated in the pack and are given a house in Jordheim if they choose. Within the Village Hall, an Almanac is constantly updated, giving an impartial record of events since Vinátta’s founding. Furthermore, within the Village Hall, a large map covers an entire wall and this is also constantly updated for all changes made to the pack. For more information, see our Culture page
  • History
    Vinátta holds its roots in Norse mythology and have perhaps transported back to these simpler times. Farmers, traders and home makers, the Norse were near self-sufficient and dabbled in all manners of skills, which Vinátta have tried to incorporate. Vinátta remains a peaceful place to live, encouraging aspects of contribution and learning. As well as mastering skills and producing items for the pack and for trade, Vináttan's are renowned for their building skills, using methods from the Old Norse ages to make their buildings not only strong but traditional.
  • Social Structure
    Vinátta maintain a loose sense of hierarchy and Vináttans revel in the peace that this relaxed attitude creates. Vináttans are however expected to be hard working and contribute to the pack, as well as celebrating with their family. While religion has a strong base in Vinátta, it is not a pre-requisite and Vináttans are encouraged to share their beliefs (or non beliefs). Vinátta prides itself on encouraging freedom of speech within their ranks.
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