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Vinátta’s ranks are based on the Nine Noble Virtues dictated in the Ásatrú sect of Norse Religion. These Nine Noble Virtues aim to guide others into a way of thinking, and Vinátta utilises these virtues as their rank system. (Please view the sidebar for our current promotion requirements. All submitted rank threads must be a minimum of 3 posts - or 1000 words - total, and must focus heavily on an aspect of the rank tier.) Threads do not need to be archived to be considered completed. Alongside ranks, members may earn co-ranks to explore the characters' various interests within the pack. Co-ranks are earned separately, and do not necessarily have to match the rank path the character has chosen. There are suggested co-ranks listed below the Skilled Ranks, but these are in no way required.

HONOR & TRUTH- Virding & Sannindi

The highest rank and subsequently the leading rank of Vinátta. The founding leaders (Saul and Lilin) went by the title of Virding and used a co-leader system, where the two wolves share the leadership equally. The Sannindi, formerly a subleader title, is now the only leader (Izrian). As with all leadership ranks, they have the final say in all laws, however it is their job to listen to the Áðr & Ríkr tiers, taking their opinions into account and acting accordingly. While the leaders do have ultimate authority and are not democratically elected, they are there for guidance and support of all members and do their best to meet everyone's needs.
Duties include (but are not limited to); accepting or rejecting potential members, giving new members welcome packs, fair judgement of any issues within the pack, hosting holidays and ceremonies when appropriate, negotiating relations with neighboring packs, allocating housing for new members, and any other tasks/issues that need attention.

TRUTH- Godja

The Godja is a specialised rank and relates directly to the Norse influence in Vinátta. Technically a Priestess (or a Priest, named Godi) the wolf is a religious guidance to those who may have need of said guidance. Alternatively, Vinátta accepts all religions and belief systems and the Godja must offer guidance to those religions not specifically her own. As Vinátta also accepts members with no belief system, the Godja acts as a counselor to their worries and woes. If a member does not feel comfortable talking with their leaders or the leaders of their path, they are encouraged to talk to the Godja- who acts in confidentiality.
Duties include; providing spiritual/religious guidance to all members who have a religion, providing guidance for those who have no religion.


Not ranks on their own, the Áðr and Ríkr titles distinguish members of the five skilled ranks that are outstanding in their tier. The Áðr Araedi is the most courageous warrior, the Áðr Vald is the best hunter, and so forth. Members attain greatness by dedicating themselves to the welfare of the pack over a long period of time, and applying themselves to as many tasks as they can handle in order to continuously improve.
Duties include; all the duties of their rank tier, as well as training less experienced members, and apprenticing puppies.
Note: these tiers can hold a maximum of three co-ranks!


Defined as the Warriors and Guardians Path of Vinátta, these members are the protection and law enforcement of the pack. While the two have very distinct and separate jobs, they are ranked under the same name as they both represent the courageous aspect of the Nine Noble Virtues. Warriors are the offensive aspect of the Araedi and are expected to be in top physical shape and will serve as the front line in any conflicts that arise. The guardian aspect is directly linked to defense and while also expected to be in top physical shape, they are specifically for protecting the pack lands and all members of the pack, including from conflicts that arise internally. The Araedi patrol the borders along with the Vald, and escort packmates who need protection outside of the pack.
Duties include; protecting the pack, defense of all members, policing of the pack and diffusing tension, escorting members (who wish to be escorted) on expeditions out of the packlands, patrolling borders and greeting prospective members, training prospective Araedi.
Possible Co-ranks include but are not limited to: Carpenter, Pup Carer, Narrator, Falconer, Blacksmith, Medic
Note: this tier can hold a maximum of two co-ranks!


The Vald are the Hunters and Scouts of the pack, who work hand in hand most days. Hunters are expected to provide for the pack and are a group of elite members who explore a variety of hunting techniques (such as weaponry, traps, group hunts, etc). Hunters work closely with the Scouts, who are responsible for locating herds and tracking them for the Hunters to do their jobs. Scouts are technically responsible for knowing where everything is in the pack at all times, as well as patrolling the borders and removing trespassers if necessary. Scouts are also those more likely to be sent on expeditions with Starfa, and should have an intimate knowledge of the surrounding areas as well as the packlands.
Duties include; hunting for the pack, tracking herds of prey, patrolling borders and greeting prospective members, alerting the pack to trespassers, scouting the outlying territories for potential threats, training prospective Vald.
Possible Co-ranks include but are not limited to: Diplomat, Falconer, Stable Hand, Tanner, Cartographer, Cook, Whittler
Note: this tier can hold a maximum of two co-ranks!


Identified as the Healers and Scholars of Vinátta, they are the most intelligent and least physical of the paths. While Scholar is a rather loose term and can be interpreted in different ways, Healers have a specifically defined duty that they must complete. Healers should have knowledge of first aid including herbal remedies and midwifery, to properly tend to the ill and injured of the pack. Healers are expected to learn constantly and look for way to improve their skills, and may be asked to tend to unwell livestock as well as packmates. If the Araedi are called to a conflict, the Eljun will be close behind to patch them up afterward. Alternatively, Scholars encompass anyone who is interested in more learning and are involved in advancing technologies in the pack. Scholars are known for being the historians, tradition-keepers, and teachers, and should be fully literate. They may choose to devote themselves to specific areas of study, such as human books, low speech, or the pack's Norse culture.
Healing duties include; attending to all injuries of pack members (and possibly livestock), attending mothers who are giving birth, advancing knowledge of healing, scouting regularly for herbs and keeping supplies stocked, training prospective healers.
Scholars duties include; teaching pack members, updating the Almanac regularly and recording history, spreading literacy, exploring new technologies and suggesting new things to the pack, training prospective scholars.
Possible Co-ranks include but are not limited to: Medic, Librarian, Cartographer, Pup Carer, Musician, Narrator, Gardener, Apothecary
Note: this tier can hold a maximum of two co-ranks!


The fourth path in Vinátta belongs to the Farmers and Traders. They are industrious and creative in their outlook, and are known for being hard workers. Starfa members are usually the first on the scene of a fresh kill, to see if they can salvage the pelt or bones. They are tasked with keeping the storage house stocked, and may work with the Vald to ensure a steady supply of food. Farmers help with livestock and crops, creating animal goods such as cheeses to be distributed or exchanged. While not necessarily away from the pack very often, merchants will travel occasionally to find rare items to bring back. Traders and Merchants also act as ambassadors and are always working to improve relationships with other packs, usually with gifts. Traders should be familiar with routes to the Outpost as well as other packs, and should keep the leadership informed of changes in diplomatic relations.
Duties include: creating and finding goods, keeping the storage house stocked and active, trade relationships with other packs, training prospective Starfa.
Possible Co-ranks include but are not limited to: Blacksmith, Diplomat, Livestock Manager, Cook, Farmer, Vintner, Tanner, Whittler
Note: this tier can hold a maximum of two co-ranks!


(This is the rank assigned to all cNPCs; only two played characters can be Frjals simultaneously.) A skill rank for jack-of-all-trades, the Frjals are those members of the pack who do not have a path, and are either still deciding where they fit in or have no desire to ever follow just one path. Expected to participate in all pack activities however, the rank is not designed for the lazy. While technically, this rank means ‘Free’ those who chose no rank are perhaps the most bound by honor to participate in a little bit of everything.
Duties are unspecified and will include aspects of each paths duties. NOTE: there is no Ríkr/Áðr promotion available for this tier; a Frjals can choose to promote into any of the four remaining rank tiers once they have chosen a path to focus on.
Note: this tier can hold a maximum of two co-ranks!


The Hollr are those who have been deemed loyal subjects and are ready to start choosing their path. Once promoted to the Hollr rank, members are now expected to work towards their choice of job. Acts associated with the desired ranks are expected and members are required to complete THREE In Character threads where the wolf demonstrates its ability to work in its chosen path.
Duties include; contributing to the pack, aiding wolves in chosen path with jobs.
Note: this tier can hold a maximum of one co-rank!


The standard starting rank for all members, the Risna are just beginning on their journey. These members have yet to earn respect and are usually last to eat from kills. This does not mean to say that they fill the ‘Omega’ position, as Vinátta does not yet have a position for punishment and the Risna are not being punished. However, those who are just starting in Vinátta should not enter with the assumption that they will be treated with respect without having earned it. Risna do not have specific duties, but are expected to help with aspects of the pack, getting to know others and establishing themselves in the pack. They cannot yet hold a co-rank.

YOUTH- Aeska

The youth of Vinátta, who are treated with kindness and taught skills they will use later in life. Children are a blessing and the Aeska are cherished members of the pack, for they mean future. Up until seven month of age, all pups will hold this rank. Upon reaching this milestone, the new adult may occupy the Hollr rank, as they are not starting new in the pack; if they have not taken active steps toward their future, they may be classed as Risna. Vinátta employs an optional apprenticeship system, whereby all pups at the age of four months can be apprenticed to a wolf in a skilled rank path, to learn a little about it and gain a little experience before choosing the path they want at seven months old. Post in VN Maintenance or Thread Requests if you want your puppy to be an apprentice.

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