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A feature unique to Vinátta comes in the form of the Frithr necklace given to each new member upon joining the ranks.

Frithr Necklaces

Frithr (meaning peace) necklaces are small wooden charms presented to new members in their Welcome Packs. They symbolise a new beginning for the member, a visual representation of their acceptance into the pack and as a ward for superstitions. Frithr necklaces are made from the White Walnut tree in the Sacred Grove, a little piece of the figurative Yggdrasil. They are in the shape of the pack symbol- a miniature Thor’s hammer polished smooth. Frithr necklaces are frequently found handled by their wearers- they are believed to be wards for superstitions. In addition to this, beads may be added to the necklace to denote achievements an individual has reached. Each bead is marked with a rune from the Norse alphabet which loosely relates to the beads meaning. They are stained with different hues of brown, so that each member may choose a color they feel suits them.

Frithr Beads

Claiming and IC Presentation

This game is based on the honor system, just like the main Catacombs game. To claim any of the beads your character could be entitled to, just double-check that your thread is eligible (ie, not unfinished), and copy the image location directly from this page. If you're unsure if your thread counts, simply hop on over to the VN Maintenance Thread and request it there! We'll need to have some evidence of these achievements and in most cases, the thread link will be fine. For Rank related beads, promotions will of course be displayed in the rank table and that will be proof enough!

As for the IC presentation of these beads, it would be unrealistic for them to just appear out of thin air. Once your request has been approved (you may add the images of the beads to your profile or achievements page), your character may ICly assume that they have approached Miskunn with their achievement and she has given them the bead. It would be rather time consuming (and we imagine, rather boring) to have a thread each time a member receives another bead, so every member is more than welcome to just assume that this little meeting has taken place.

Rank Beads

These beads are given specifically for advancing in the ranks. To receive any of these beads, all promotions must be completed before the claim is made. For example, you have completed all three threads to advance to your chosen path. However, rank promotions don't happen until the end of the month and therefore this is when the promotion is official and the bead can be claimed after this. Proof will be in the rank listings.

Become a Council Member

. . .
It takes hard work and dedication to become a member of the Áðr tier, a commitment to the pack that only a select few are able to obtain. After choosing a path, one must gain the trust of the Virding to become promoted into one of these four coveted spots. The rune chosen for this bead is the Giant, a visual representation of the huge effort given and the presence these few have on the pack.

Ascend to A Chosen Path

. . .
After being accepted into Vinátta as a Risna, it takes time to rise to the more trusted rank of Hollr, where members are able to start working towards their chosen path. It can take weeks or months for this process to complete, choosing a rank and then earning it through completing tasks and showing ones ability to fit the role. The rune chosen for this bead is the Yew Tree, symbolising the canines rise through the roots of Vinátta and becoming the strong branches of the pack.

Earn A Co-Rank

. . .
It is often required for pack members to have a Co-Rank as well as their normal rank. Whether this be because of a desperate need for the job to be completed, or a hobby that the canine wishes to pursue, there is always respect for those who take on a second or third 'job' around the pack. This bead is given the rune Need or Hardship, to represent the hard work and dedication to the cause needed for those who pull more than their weight.

Participation Beads

Beads of this nature are awarded for a characters participation in pack activities. Threads must be completed (not dead) and they should be interactive threads (you and at least one other character posting) unless otherwise stated.

Organise A Pack Activity

. . .
Pack Activities include; Hunts, Feasts, Parties and Games. Any other activity proposed will need to be approved before it can be used to claim this bead. The thread must consist of a minimum of three participants and be completed to count. Organising a pack activity shows a characters interest in bonding with the rest of the pack, their interest in providing for the pack as well, whether this is food or entertainment. The rune for this bead is the Auroch, representing the food often taken in hunts and feasts, as well as the chase for games.

Celebrate A Norse Holiday

. . .
While many may not have converted to the Norse Religion, it is encouraged to at least celebrate the holidays. Threads celebrating Norse holidays must be with at least one other member of Vinátta and the thread needs to be completed to count (Pack Threads count, don't worry). Holidays may be chosen from those listed here. The rune used for this bead is the Luck rune, because it is believed that celebrating holidays will bring you luck in the future.

Trade With Another Pack

. . .
Trading with another pack is important to Vinátta's culture, as well as building up bonds and seeking out future allies with others. Whether this trade consist of personal belongings or pack items, appreciation for this effort will be rewarded. This bead is given the Wealth rune, to indicate the gain for Vinátta in trading, either in goods or reputation with other packs.

Teach The Aeska

. . .
The inheritance of knowledge is an important right of passage for any youngster and those who pass on this knowledge are treated with greater respect. This knowledge may be anything from learning to hunt, passing on a preferred skill or attempting to help the pup with any interests they might have. The rune given to this bead is the Inherited Land rune, representing this inherited knowledge as well as symbolising the necessity of teaching the young, who will one day rule.

Personal Beads

Personal achievements are still recognised and encouraged among members. It is important to further oneself and these beads represent the milestones in life. All threads must be completed (not dead) to count and they should preferably be interactive.
Gain A Mate

. . .
One of the greatest achievements in a wolf's life is to find ones partner, to be in love and have that love reciprocated. As with any pack, paired members are encouraged to bring happiness to life. This bead is given the Joy rune, to represent the happiness and longevity that is wished upon them for their mateship.

Have Pups

. . .
The gift of new life is always an occasion to celebrate in Vinátta and having pups is one of the greatest achievements to make. They are the next generation and will inherit the lands of Vinátta when they grow and are therefore given the rune Gift, to represent this.

Become A Grandparent

. . .
This bead represents two achievements for members. Dedication to Vinátta is shown through the years spent in the pack, which is perhaps how long one might need to become a grandparent. All three generations must be in Vinátta when the bead is awarded. Given the warming rune of the Sun to represent the achievement of being the start of a dynasty in Vinátta.

Convert to the Norse Religion

. . .
Although Vinátta has a set religion, it is not forced upon members to believe in the Norse religion. Therefore, for those who willingly choose to convert themselves, this bead represents their commitment. For many this can be a great contrast from their previous beliefs and for obvious reasons this bead is given the God rune.

Attend A Party and Become Intoxicated

. . .
An important right of passage for any member of Vinátta is their social interaction. While this bead is aimed at the youths growing up, it can be given to any member who attend a party for the first time and become intoxicated. Given the Ulcer rune, perhaps to represent the dangers of alcohol to those who have become intoxicated on the substance.

Special Beads

Founding Member of Vinátta

. . .
The founding members of Vinátta are among the most respected, for being the first to embark on the journey of creating a new pack. There are only a handful of Vináttans who can lay claim to this bead. Represented by the God Ing rune, which symbolises the new religion of the pack as well as their dedication and ultimate respect.

Participate in Building The Sveit Village

. . .
If your character participated in helping to build any part of the Sveit Village (Hall, Library, Market), they may claim this bead. Dedication to the pack includes the willingness to help in construction of a crucial aspect of Vinátta and the ability to work well in a pack. Given the Man rune, to represent the physical labour and the human technology needed to build a village.

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