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Thinking of joining Vinátta, but you don't have a character in mind yet? Why not check out who we have up for adoption? These characters range from puppies who were born on Vináttan soil, to adult family members who are off traveling and need you to fill in their backstory. Adopting one of these characters gives you bonus game points, which makes it easier to purchase fancy titles and icons. It can also allow you to circumvent joining threads, and have a unique perspective on the pack since your character will start off with family and friends you can thread with.

If you are interested in any of these characters, don't hesitate to contact their owner! Please be polite and respect the adopter's rules, but don't feel intimidated by them, either. We all want to enjoy our time in Vinátta! :)

Vináttan Adoptables

Click here to visit our adoptables directory on the Wiki!

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