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Co-ranks are jobs or specialties that a character has alongside their rank, and does not necessarily have to relate to their rank path in any way. These can be selected from the list below; alternatively, members may suggest co-ranks to be added. If you have a suggestion for a co-rank, please feel free to PM the Vinatta account, or post in the public maintenance thread!

Co-Ranks are earned and are therefore reserved for those in the Hollr rank and above. (A Hollr can have one co-rank, and higher skilled-ranked members can hold up to three at one time.) Members will need to complete THREE In Character threads* associated with their co-rank of choice to achieve the job. Once the member has received the co-rank spot, it is advisable that they complete one thread a month regarding your co-rank.

*NB, Three In Character threads may include ONE Read Only thread, although interactive threads are encouraged and much more fun!

The co-ranks below are listed with a limit as to how many Vinattans can hold the job concurrently, and who the current job-holders are. Note that NPCs do NOT count toward the maximum. A Vinattan who goes on aNPC status will not lose their co-rank even if the maximum limit is filled during their absence - that is the only scenario in which the max capacity can be exceeded. PM the Vinatta account if you would like to petition for the limit of a specific job to be increased, or if your character would like to challenge a current co-rank holder.

Production Co-ranks

Blacksmith [2]

(Current: none) The Blacksmith is one who knows their way around a forge and is comfortable with all aspects of metal making and shaping. They should scavenge their metals from the nearby city of Amherst, and melt them down to re-purpose them. A Blacksmith should have intimate knowledge of the procedures involved as well as the skill to make a variety of metal items, including jewelry and weaponry.

Brewer [3]

(Current: none) The Brewer creates beer by gathering ingredients and following their personal recipe. They must be familiar with all steps of the process, which include malting, milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, filtering, and packaging. They produce beverages for pack gatherings, and store enough left over to trade.

Carpenter [3]

(Current: none) Carpenters deal with wood and building items from this material. Carpenters should work towards becoming skilled, and should have a basic knowledge of building and labour as well as the technical details of working with wood. They should gather and process their own wood from the forest, and work on request when their packmates need house repairs, fences, or furniture. They should work with the Brewer and Vintner to produce barrels.

Cook [1/3]

(Current: Aspen) A very important role in Vinátta, the Cook is on call for feasts, meets and celebrations alike. They may also be requested to create meals for families with young pups, or those otherwise too busy to hunt. They must have some base knowledge of food and how to cook it. Cooks are likely to have regular contact with the Vald (for meat to cook) and the Gardeners (for their knowledge on vegetation).

Craftsman [3]

(Current: none) Distinct from the specialized Carpenter and Whittler, the Craftsman is a catch-all title for those who create with their hands. They may be asked to create decorations for festivals, instruments for Musicians, writing utensils for Librarians, and gifts for ambassadors from other packs. These artisans are encouraged to work with found materials such as glass, metal, ores, stone, horn, or whatever strikes their fancy.

Gardener [3]

(Current: none) As the name would suggest, a Gardener is someone who deals with growing things- especially fruit and vegetables, although a gardener might also dabble in flowers and herbs for medicinal use. Gardeners will need a vast knowledge of the plants they deal with and they will need to know which plants are poisonous to canines. They must maintain the communal garden, watering and weeding during the warm months, protecting the plants from cold during the winter.

Farmer [3]

(Current: none) Farmers deal with growing plants on a larger scale, specifically for food, as well as stocks and storing. Grains and fruits are perhaps the predominant crop, but Farmers may also work with Livestock Managers for animal products and the use of workhorses as well. They are free to till the earth and pursue new vegetable crops at their discretion, but are also responsible for the upkeep such as fertilization and harvest.

Tailor [2]

(Current: none) Tailors must have an intimate knowledge of how to make clothes, as well as accessories for their fellow pack mates. They should work towards using different fabrics and techniques of making clothing, bandages, blankets, bags, puppy toys, and more. They should work with the Livestock Managers for access to wool, and the Tanner for access to leather.

Tanner [2]

(Current: none) The Tanner processes hides of animals to produce leather. Tanners are likely to have regular contact with the Vald (for fresh hides). They should be familiar with all steps of the process, which include soaking and cleaning, pounding and scouring the skin to remove any remaining flesh and fat, scraping the hair off with a knife, and kneading until it is supple. Hides are then stretched on frames and immersed for several weeks in vats of increasing concentrations of tannin.

Vintner [3]

(Current: none) The Vintner oversees the vineyard in Vinatta, working alongside the Gardener to keep the plants healthy and producing grapes. Once they are ripe, the Vintner is responsible for the harvest of the grapes, and the subsequent conversion into wine. They produce beverages for pack gatherings, and store enough left over to trade.

Whittler [2]

(Current: none) The Whittler uses knives and/or chisels to carve useful items out of wood, bone, antler, or stone. Products vary greatly, including jewelry, combs, puppy toys, utensils like spoons and forks, and weaponry. They are officially responsible for the carving of the Frithr pendants, made from the white walnut wood from the Sacred Grove. They gather their own materials, or accept donations of bones and antlers from the Vald.

Animal Co-ranks

Bee Keeper [2]

(Current: none) Bee Keepers, are as the title suggests, carers for the colonies of bees in Vinátta. Maintenance of the hives is key in this profession, as well as an understanding of the insects in their care. Bee Keepers will need to know how to correctly subdue the bees to harvest honey as well as general hive upkeep.

Falconer [full*]

(Current: Izrian Firebringer, Palaydrian Soul, Farina vin Haki, Taro Kurosoul) With the rise of predator birds in Vinátta, there is a need for the care of these birds. Concerned with training the birds to carry messages, they are also responsible for maintenance and breeding of the birds to increase Vinátta's stock. Falconer's must have a passion for predator birds and work towards the improvement of messaging with the animals. *Three of the Falconers are aNPC's which leaves room for two other active Falconers.

Livestock Manager [20:1]

(Current: Aspen) The Livestock Manager is a general term for those who work with animals other than horses, bees and birds. This will include any cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens and llamas Vinátta acquires. As well as daily maintenance of the livestock, the Livestock Manager is in charge of breeding the animals in their keep and maintaining a clean bloodline for all animals in their care.

Stable Hand [3:1]

(Current: Aspen) Those who are charged with the care of the horses are named Stable Hands. They will need to be comfortable and confident around horses, as well as understanding that horses are sacred animals and need to be treated with respect. Daily maintenance and riding are two of the main responsibilities, as well as any task the owner gives them additionally. (1 Stable Hand for every 3 Horses)

Miscellaneous Co-ranks

Apothecary [1/3]

(Current: Palaydrian Soul) The Apothecary has knowledge of herbal remedies and can treat illnesses and stave off infection. They should be familiar with steeping herbs to create tisanes, or "herbal teas", as well as applying poultices and compresses. They collect or grow their own medicinal plants in the communal garden, and are always prepared.

Cartographer [1]

(Current: none) The Cartographer is responsible for map making and the up-to-date maintenance of the map in the Village Hall. (This is an IC feature and will be available for members to view). When Vinatta’s borders expand, the cartographer will be responsible for adding any new features to it and their whereabouts.

Diplomat [1/3]

(Current: Farina vin Haki) Diplomats are specifically concerned with improving pack relations. As they will be representing Vinátta, Diplomats must be calm, level-headed characters who seek to improve relations and will not aggravate other packs. Duties include establishing contact with other packs and visiting and maintaining relationships with currently friendly packs.

Fool [3]

(Current: none) The Fool of the pack is a member who is there to take away tension and soothe nerves in any given situation. While the title is derogatory, the role is an important one. At gatherings and meets, the Fool will be available for entertainment (including tricks and magic) and can often be found playing with the pups.

Medic [1/3]

(Current: Palaydrian Soul) The Medic calmly handles emergency medical situations, intimately knowing techniques to stop bleeding and stabilize their patient. This extends to midwifery, helping a mother safely endure childbirth and dealing with any complications. The Medic should also be familiar with the setting of broken bones, packing and closing wounds, and treating shock.

Musician [3]

(Current: none) An entertainer of sorts, musicians will be used for celebrations and gatherings alike. Musicians may include those who are multi-skilled with instruments (who know how to play a variety of instruments) as well as those who sing well. They should also be willing to teach those who wish to learn the art.

Narrator [2]

(Current: none) For those who love to gather those around them and entertain them with stories of old, or new. Narrators should perhaps have an interest in the packs culture, to include stories about Old Norse Gods to reinforce their beliefs. They should be charismatic, and comfortable with puppies as well as adults.

Librarian [2]

(Current: none) For those who do not necessarily wish to follow the Eljun path, but have a love for books, organization and history, the Librarian co-rank aims to fill this gap. As well as updating the Almanac in the Village Hall, Librarians should be involved in the acquisition of books and organization of the Library. They may also be responsible for teaching other packmates to read and write.

Pup Carer [3]

(Current: none) Pups are cherished in Vinatta, and it is important to keep them entertained as well as educated. Like a nanny and a governess in one, the Pup Carers will be responsible for the care of pups under four months of age (they will provide a basis for education and entertainment) as well as looking after the pups when they reach four months and begin their apprenticeships.

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